550x410_massageCosmetics in Berlin Mitte. Wellbeing from head to toe at the beautySpa Berlin.

The French brand by tradition combines enjoyment of beauty care with the highest effectiveness. Cosmetic treatments in the beautySpa Berlin Mitte include among others: a refreshing footbath, care advice, the legendary CARITA neck massage, a facial treatment orientated to the appearance of your skin and your desires, including a face-, hand- and foot massage. Cosmetic treatments range from 60€, 90€, 115€, 135€ to 170€. Examples here:


Inspired by Rosy and Maria CARITA, we are offering you beauty treatments on highest level. Experience the philosophy of the famous CARITA sisters from Paris. The truely wonderful cosmetic treatment is based on long years of experience and our use of world famous CARITA products.

Experience relaxation and wellbeing with this unique product, a classic of beauty world since 1956.

This highly specialized product is a unique combination made from roasted sunflower seeds and essential oils. We are using CARITA RÉNOVATEUR as a key product in this cosmetic treatment, providing the feeling of a truely tenderly skin.

MassageMassage in Berlin Mitte at the beautySpa.

Classic massage from head to toe with hot stones or singing bowls. We use aromatic oil with organic quality for any massage given in the beautySpa Berlin Mitte, just the best for your skin! Enjoy your time after the massage with a cup of tea while relaxing on the comfortable and heated lounger with an amazing view over Berlin Mitte. All massage offers cost: 30min.: 40€, 45min.: 60€, 60min.: 80€, 90min.: 110€. Examples here:


Living in our modern times, means to listen to your body’s signals, refresh whenever possible and take your time to regenerate. The classic massage with the smell of essential oils relaxes, provides wellbeing and looses muscles.

This massage is based on the use of hot lava stones, which pass their warmth calmly through body, muscles and hinges. The stones are heated to 50 degrees and applied onto the human energetic points, while you relax. At the end, the face is going to be massaged with circulating colder stones, letting you forget of all “to do lists”.

The combination of a gentle relaxing massage with the souds and vibes of Tibetanean singing bowls will provide a deep and spiritual relaxation. The vibrations and resonances target even the smallest cells of the human body and loosen carefully any restraints.

beautyspa_startimage_nailsPedicure, Manicure in Berlin Mitte

You lie on our comfortable and heated massage lounge. As you prefer we will cover your eyes with a lavender cushion and a warm pillow will warm your neck muscles. In case the sun is shining, you will receive your footbath outside on the roof terrace of the hotel The Weinmeister, after that there will be time to let the nail polish dry, time for a drink at the bar, for your gaze at the sky. We guarantee you a relaxing time during your foot or hand treatment! What is dear to our heart: Hygiene and cleanness! Disinfection, cleaning in an ultrasound bath, hygienic cleaning of the equipment – is a must! We have at our disposal the newest and high modern treatment techniques because that is our priority in order to achieve excellent work! Pedicure: 45€, manicure: 35€, nail polish with CHANEL varnish 10€ or with
strip varnish 15€.


The intensive, complete care for hands and nails including scrub and massage. Your hands will look presentable!

The trendsetter choses CHANEL nail polish for Pedicure/Manicure in Berlin Mitte. You will find the greatest selection of CHANEL nail polish! Customers in a hurry chose Alessandro Striplack, a Peel-Off- nail polish which dries immediately. Moreover, any solvent or nail polish remover is not necessary.


Airbrush tanning

Holiday feeling with an immediate tan! A healthy and fresh appearance, a natural tan for 7-10 days. You will find further information in our complete pricelist. Airbrush tanning in Berlin Mitte: 35€, airbrush tanning plus spray peeling: 45€, airbrush tanning plus peeling massage: 70€.

Gift vouchers

Turn time, time for care treatments, relaxation, beauty and well-being into a special present. After having made a reservation by telephone, you are welcome to purchase a gift card directly at the beautySpa or we enjoy sending it to you. Please send us your request and the invoice address via our e-mail contact form.

Request a gift voucher via e-mail!